Little Falls February 2018 Quiz

1. According to Passaic County Records what YEAR was the WORST flood in Little Falls?

2. According to Passaic County Records what was the HIGHEST CREST of the flood that year?

3. According to Passaic County Records how many minor/major floods has Little Falls had since 1900?

4. In approx. what year was this home located at 50 Paterson Ave constructed?

5. From 2017 to today, what is the AVERAGE selling price on a home in Little Falls?

6. Who is the head of the Little Falls Historical Society?

7. During WW 2, what was made in Beattie Carpet Mill to help the war effort?

8. Which one of these is NOT a current councilman/councilwomen?

9. Which one of these was NEVER a Police Chief in Little Falls?

10. What is the non-emergency phone number for Little Falls Police Dept?

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