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Welcome to Passaic, Essex, Morris and Bergen Counties in New Jersey, a friendly and comfortable place to live within short commuting distance to New York City.

Homes of this area are as diverse as its career oriented people. The communities are full of housing treasures. Home buyers can easily find just what best fits their budget, tastes in lifestyles and dreams.

Our suburban towns provide residents with parks and playgrounds, year round recreation, libraries, pools, tennis, facilities for senior citizens, as well as excellent police, volunteer fire and rescue squads. Most towns have their own shopping areas and there are major malls within 5 minutes. Come and visit us and share the warmth of our tree lined streets, neighborhood schools and diverse architectural styles.

About Little Falls, NJ ...
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Our Township is named for the Passaic River waterfall that formerly spilled downstream from the dam in front of the Beattie Mill. The photo at right shows what the falls looked like back in 1890, when Union Ave. crossed the Passaic River via a covered bridge.
Little Falls can trace its heritage back to 1711. Its 2.8 square miles, now home to a population of about 11,000, are bounded by the communities of Montclair, Wayne, Cedar Grove, Woodland Park, Totowa, North Caldwell, Fairfield and Clifton.
Primarily residential, Little Falls has managed to retain the feel of a small town despite its strategic location in the tri-state metropolitan area. New York is only 15 miles away; Newark Liberty Airport is just 12 miles away. For many residents, local shopping, schools, and a variety of services are within walking distance.
The old Morris Canal, once an important artery of trade and transportation between the Delaware and Hudson Rivers, wound its way through the town, and vestiges of it still serve as a reminder of Little Falls' long history. Several well-maintained residences and other structures from the last century serve to further strengthen the town's sense of pride in it's past.
During most of the years of its existence, the Beattie Carpet Mill was the town's major employer. Even thought the mill was closed almost thirty years ago, the buildings have been converted into beautiful condominiums that overlook the river.
The quarrying of brownstone was another important local industry, and Little Falls brownstone has been utilized in many significant structures including New York's famous Trinity Church. Commercial activity is now comprised mainly of light industrial and office-based companies; there is some heavy industry. The many residents who commute elsewhere to work are among the best served in the metropolitan area, with frequent rail and bus service, as well as close proximity to key state and interstate highways.
For most of its history, a Township Committee consisting of five committeemen elected by the voters governed Little Falls. A chairman (Mayor) and deputy-chair (Deputy Mayor) were selected annually by the Township Committee members. Starting January 1, 2005, the form of government was changed as the result of a public referendum. The current government is a Mayor/Council form authorized by the New Jersey Faulkner Act. Under the new government, the voters directly elect a Mayor to a four-year term. The Mayor is responsible for the administration of the Township. The Township Council members, who are elected to four-year staggered terms, perform the legislative duties of the Township.
Little Falls has matured gracefully and today offers long term residents and newcomers alike the quality of life that makes suburban New Jersey a desirable address for home, career and recreation.

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The Borough of Woodland Park is one of sixteen municipalities in Passaic County. The Borough is located in the northeastern section of New Jersey and the lower end of the county, about 20 miles west of New York City.
Highway access is provided by Interstate 80 in the northern edge of town and U.S. 46 along the southern border. Natural features form the Borough’s other two borders: Garret Mountain on the east and the Passaic River on the west.
Woodland Park is situated to the
southwest of the City of Paterson, New Jersey’s third most populous city. To the east is the City of Clifton. To the south and west are the Township of Little Falls and Totowa Borough, respectively.
The postal zip code, 07424, is shared with Little Falls. But, efforts continue to get the United States Postal Service to assign a unique zip code to the municipality.
The Borough is almost three square miles in size. The population in the 2010 U.S. Census, 11,819, makes us the seventh highest in the county. The previous census in 2000 was 10,987, indicating a population increase of 7.6 percent.
We are in the eighth most populated county in the state. But, Passaic County is only the fourth largest in land area.
Though Woodland Park is a highly developed municipality, with a mixture of residential, retail, office, and industrial properties, a significant portion of the Borough remains open space due to municipal parkland, two County parks, and a two reservoirs. Compliments of: http://wpnj.us/about.html.

About Totowa New Jersey

The Borough of Totowa was settled around 1750 and incorporated in 1898. It has an area of approximately 4 square miles with a population of approximately 10,500. The town is governed by a Mayor and six Council members.
We are proud of the fact that Totowa has the lowest tax rate in Passaic County for over 30 years. Our council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month and all are welcome to attend. The meetings are held in the Council Room at the Municipal Complex located at 537 Totowa Road at the corner of Cherba Place.
The Complex also houses the police department, the Municipal Court, the Clerk’s office, the building department, the tax office, the tax assessor’s office, the health department and other administrative offices. The public library is adjacent to the Municipal Complex on Cherba Place.
The Department of Public Works is located at 136 Furler Street and the Sewer Department is located at 100 Riverview Drive. The senior citizen coordinator and the town nurse are located in the Community Center at 385 Union Boulevard.
We are very fortunate to have people who volunteer their time and energy to our fire department and first aid squad. There are four fire houses located

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