High Tensions Wires


I was recently in the park and met a nice local resident and we started talking about one of his concerns and I promised him I would write about it, so here it goes.
If you mention lead paint, asbestos, radon or other house maladies it brings shivers to my spine. They have killed more real estate deals than I could imagine. There used to be a time that if you mentioned Electro Magnetic Fields it would send a shiver up my spine, but not anymore.
I found an interesting article on this topic which you may have heard about that I thought I would share with you. It seems that a federal probe found that a scientist who investigated the tie between electromagnetic radiation and cancer evidently faked what had been considered crucial evidence of a tie between the two. He published two papers with misleading data which helped him win $ 3.3 million dollars in grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense.
For decades there has been debate over whether power lines cause cancer even though top scientific groups have repeatedly found no evidence of danger. There are still some researchers that say there are enough clues to warrant further investigation which still causes a lot of anxiety among the public.
In the years since this scientists research appeared more than 20 studies have found no hard evidence that electric power lines causes cancer. Yet, understandably so, the general public still has concerns about this topic. In the real world of real estate if a homes sits near, or on the power lines it certainly effects the marketability of the home. They eventually sell, but sometimes take longer and sell for less than a comparable home that is not located near the lines.
I myself grew up with power lines in my back yard, it was our play area where we had our fort and I probably spent half my life playing under them and I don’t glow in the dark yet. Having some knowledge of the history of EMF fields and the research done so far, I personally don’t have a concern about their safety. What it boils down to is your individual feelings and concerns whether you feel comfortable about living near them or not. That, is ultimately your decision to make. If you would like more information on EMF fields please contact my office or you can probably contact PSEG directly and obtain studies

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