Hunting Meadows Townhouses in Lincoln Park New Jersey

 Hunting Meadows Townhouses in Lincoln Park New Jersey

  • GPS Directions: Allister Court, Bristol Court, Windsor Drive Lincoln Park, New Jersey  07035
  • Style: Townhouse 2 or 3 levels
  • Typical Price Range: $275,000+-
  • Typical Taxes: $6,000-$9,000 + -
  • Typical Maintenance Fees: $190 + -
  • Approximate Year Built: 2000
  • Garages: Yes
  • Amenities: Clubhouse
  • Last Known Management Company -Tayor Management: 973-267-9000

aa-warren-condosGorgeous complex !! Located in a quiet setting in Lincoln Park New Jersey. It offers bedroom townhouses and is a smaller complex with typically 1-4 units available at any given time. Central air, garages and offer top of the line amenities you expect in premier units of this nature.

The Borough of Lincoln Park dates back to the pre-Revolutionary War, with settlers first taking residence as early as 1690. During the Revolutionary War, a commissary was maintained here. Lincoln Park was originally a part of Pequannock and was referred to as Two Bridges and then Beavertown. The present name was adopted in 1872. In 1922, after a referendum was submitted to the voters, the separate Borough of Lincoln Park was established.

Availability: Large complexes with 75 units and above typically have 5-10 units available, smaller complexes with less than 50 may have 1 or two. Call us for availability 973-256-0303

The Maintenance Fee: Typically in this type of development the maintenance fee covers exterior maintenance, snow removal, lawn, roof replacement, insurance of building, management fee, reserve fund replenishment for capital improvements such as driveway replacement and repairs. Each complex is different as far as what is covered, but this is a general guide.
About this type of complex: This is a townhouse type complex which means that the units are typically 2 or 3 level units. If the complex is under 50 units it probably does not have much as far as amenities which keeps the maintenance fees more affordable. Larger complexes typically have outdoor pools, tennis clubhouses etc.
About these type of units: All units have separate utilities, typically the newer complexes will have either a built- in garage or garage parking underneath the building, but all complexes have different set ups.
Caveats: I would certainly verify the financial status of the complex, insure there is sufficient funds in the reserve account to cover expected failures such as roofs, driveway etc.
The Good: Townhouse style living it great for the individual that wants to free themselves up from the day to day costs of running a home. No lawn care and outside work to be done.

Lincoln Park New Jersey Condos and Townhouses

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