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Industrial Loft Living in North Jersey

There’s something about those exposed, brick walls, beams and wide open floor plans that makes living amongst the city jungle a much more feasible and unique option. Perhaps it’s because they often offer better views, or perhaps it’s because finding large space in a city is increasingly hard to come by these days. Loft living…
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Owning A Home Has Its Benefits

Owning A Home Has Its Benefits By Warren Damiano Premier Properties The Damiano Group Can I afford a home? Will I qualify for financing? Where should I live? Consumer doubts about the purchase of a first home are sometimes considerable. However there are at least eight reasons you should add “Purchase My First Home” to…
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Roofing Concerns?

Roofing: It Doesn’t Have To Be Over Your Head By Warren Damiano Have you looked up recently? Many homeowners cross the threshold into their homes without giving much thought as to how the dry, warm shelter awaiting them stays dry and warm. The ubiquitous roof has served humankind well since primitive times. And although wood…
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Decorating your windows is an investment.

Decorating your windows is an investment. That is why you should do your homework before making your selections. Windows can be treated simply to blend into the background, or they can be a decorating opportunity for setting a room's mood. Whether you treat windows as a background element or as focal point, consider the following…
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