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Brittany Chase Condos Wayne New Jersey

GPS Directions: Brittany Drive Wayne, New Jersey Pricing: $199,000- $375,000 + - Maint: $275 + - Taxes: $6,000-$10,000 Year Built: 1993 Availability: Common  3-6 units on market This community offers a wide variety of options for townhouse living. Models range from one floor mid-rise units to large townhouses.  There is something for everyone. This community…
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Before You Buy

Planning to move out of the area in a couple of years? If so you may be better off not buying a home now. The cost of selling a house generally falls in a range of 7% - 8% of the sale price which may be more than the appreciation of the house. Check out…
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What does a Real Estate Appraiser do ?

What does a Real Estate Appraiser do ? There are many reasons why you need a real estate appraisal. Reduce property taxes, probate, estate planning, divorce settlements are some. The most common one is to obtain a mortgage. Most lenders are required by federal and state laws and current banking regulations to obtain an appraisal…
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