Careers “Agent-Centric” Business Model


Raymond and Warren Damiano...

"Free of the Franchise Business model..we can pass those savings on to our loyal agents, compare us with any franchise commission, you will see we offer more to our agents!"


Ask yourself these important questions about your current office.

  • Am I getting my fair share of commission from my broker?
  • Am I getting my fair share of leads?
  • Why are the leads only going to the SELECTED agents in my office?
  • Why I am still paying the 3% Franchise Fee, desk cost, E & O insurance?
  • Why don’t we have an Agent Bonus Pool so I can make more $$ ?
  • How much more would I make if I started at 70% commission?

If you don’t like the answers above then consider a change to:  Premier Properties The Damiano Group


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Consider a career at Premier Properties The Damiano Group


The definition of Realtor HAPPINESS is...

  • Start at 70%*......then 100% after low office cap of $27,500 is reached
  • NO desk fees
  • NO Franchise Fees Deducted
  • In-House Training provided
  • 2% *Included for Agent Self Promotion Fund (your own personal promotion)
  • 2% *Included for End Year Agent Bonus Pool

We are looking for agents who are serious about their real estate career.

PREMIER PROPERTIES The Damiano Group has always had a deep commitment to training and continuing education. The depth of training and mentoring our agents receive fast tracks them to success in this highly competitive field.

PREMIER PROPERTIES The Damiano Group has a family-oriented management style that embraces all of the associates. At the same time we offer extremely progressive resources usually associated with only the largest of companies. This office culture has created a deep, strong bond with the agents. In an industry where the turn over rate is traditionally very high, associates rarely leave our company, several have been with us since our inception in 1977.

Take a good look at your current career. Are you where you want to be today? Are you headed toward where you'd like to be tomorrow? If not, now's the time to consider a career with the PREMIER PROPERTIES The Damiano Group
Flexible hours and a strong income that reflects just how much you put into your career are just a few of the potential benefits. You'll also reap the rewards of working for a company dedicated to quality.

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