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Montclair Sells $226,138 Over Asking Price

Believe it or not...this Montclair 3 family home sold $226,138 OVER ASKING PRICE Was it under priced? or is that the new real estate market? You decide. Disclosure: This home was listed & sold via the MLS and not thru our office. CLICK HERE TO VIEW HOME If the above link does not work-Click Here …
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11 Center Ave Little Falls Two Family

Just the first to get in! It won't last! Two family homes in Little Falls are at an all time premium. There are not too many available so when one comes on the market, they go fast. So call now 973-256-0303 or click here for private showing. Home is in nice condition. SORRY UNDER…
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Two Family Little Falls..soon to be on market

TWO FAMILY HOME TO BE LISTED SHORTLY We are in the process of listings a two family home in Little Falls. Multi-family home in town are at a premium and usually have multiple offers within a week. If you would like to be notified when it is available call 973-256-0303 and give us your contact information.…
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